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FIRE & Gas Detection System

Fully configurable System, that thanks to its modularity make the system versatile and adjustable for any requirement. Microprocessor Technology. CPU Redundancy feature available. Complete system Redundancy available. Power Card Redundant, when more than one are installed. 5,7” LCD touch screen operator panel. Hot Backup for all the cards. Up to 4 MODBUS outputs (RTU or TCP/IP). Certified as per EN54 and EN12094 codes. Control by Event programming (CBE).  Control system hardware self-check. Hardware and Software development conforming IEC61508. Redundant Communication Bus for card data exchanging. Dual Channel Analogue card to manage 4-20 mA sensors. Extended diagnostic for internal fault detection and management.


SIA is a market leader in the formulation and supply of  fire extinguishing foams.. The quality of its products coupled with a significant production capability makes it a preferred supplier to the petrochemical, chemical, naval, aeronautical, Energy, auto motive and mining industries. 


SIA  provide  valves complete and skid mounted with frame in container installed as well. They are also available on skid insulated enclosures for high temperature  or insulated and heated for very low temperature  and ATEX execution.

SIA designs and manufactures a wide range of water systems providing  hydraulic analysis and calculation in order to maximize the  best design to achieve customer needs. Among the systems there are: water mist  & sprinkler, water deluge systems


SIA design and manufacturer any type of gs  systems.

FM 200, Inert gas , NOVEC 1230 , CO2  sytem low and High pressure ,are as  European Standard code(SIA manufacturer ) and UL Listed.


SIA designs and manufactures a complete range of dry chemical systems  with single or double reserve tank, complete with hose reels and monitor. All SIA dry chemical units can be filled with any type of powder. In our range of products we included the “twin agent” systems (dry chemical-foam) for fixed installation, wheeled, trailer or vehicle mounted. In the following video, the Powder System Test at Hassi Messaoud.


Extinguishers: Portable and Mobile                                       

Fire department Equipment: Hydrant boxes, Fire Fighting Cabinets , Hydrants and Wall Mounted Hydrants, Hose Reels, Hoses, Above and Below Ground Hydrants,  Emergency Showers, Eye Washes.


The needs of customers are our priority that is why our engineering team is skilled to provide fire protection systems with multiple and tailor made solutions.


From Enginnering to Commissioning and start up  SIA provides turnkey solutions.