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1965 The history of the Masiero family began when Fulgor Extinguishers Ltd. (subsequently becoming SIA Ltd.)  was founded and, operating out of Pogliano Milanese (Milan), became leaders in the fire-fighting market.

1986 SIA Ltd. acquired by Chubb Fire Plc. becoming Chubb SIA Ltd., with Mario Masiero as CEO and President. 

1996 Chubb SIA incorporated into the Chubb Lips group (a subsidiary of Chubb Fire Plc) with Alessandro Masiero as CEO, based in Pogliano Milanese (Milan). At this time the Chubb Lips group included both Chubb SIA (design and build and installation of firefighting systems) and Lips Vago Elettronica (design, build and installation of video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems).


1996 Chubb Fire Plc acquired by Kidde Plc. which already included, in Italy,Silvani Antincendi Ltd .


2002 Kidde Plc merges the two Italian companies, Chubb SIA and Silvani Antincendi, into Kidde Italia Spa., with Alessandro Masiero as board member and CEO.


2009 Alessandro and Mario Masiero “refund” SIA, as SIA Safety Industrial Applications Ltd., with headquarters and factory at the original location in Pogliano Milanese (Milan).


2021 SIA Constitutes a new video surveillance and anti-intrusion division.

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