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SIA Foam systems & products:

SIA is a market leader in the enginering and supply of fire extinguishing foam systems.

SIA designs and manufactures a very wide range of foam systems, able to produce various expansion foam:

  • low expansion 

  • medium expansion 

  • high expansion 

Foam can be produced by portable mobile units, fixed installation and vehicles as well. 

Our systems can work with any kind of foam concentrates liquids like:

  • Protein foam (P)

  • Fluoroprotein Foam (FP)

  • Fluoroprotein Film Forming Foam (FFFP)

  • Synthetic foam (S)

  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)

  • Alcohol resistant, both Fluoroprotein (FP/AR) and Synthetic (AFFF/AR) foam

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